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Staff advisors help give employees a voice

Staff advisors to the regents discuss their experience in bringing the concerns and ideas of staff to UC's senior leadership.

Read about their experience and how you can apply to be the next staff advisor.

Farmers, environment profit from new Cooperative Extension website

CropManage, a new UC Cooperative Extension website for farmers, puts UC Research in the hands of farmers to help them save money and protect the environment.

Read about CropManage.

File taxes, fight cancer

By checking lines 405 and/or 413 on your state income tax forms, you can help fund innovative UC research programs that reach communities throughout California.

Read about how you can help fund UC research.


More Systemwide News

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People Who Make A Difference

Across UC, staff and faculty make a difference on the job and in their free time. Read about a few of their latest contributions.

The icon of organic chemistry

Charles Perrin

Charles Perrin is the iconic figurehead of introductory organic chemistry, the primary gatekeeper for students hoping to get into medical school. Now in his 50th year of teaching at UC San Diego, he remains one of the most beloved professors on campus.

Read about Charles Perrin.

Engineering diversity in her field

Alice Agogino

UC Berkeley mechanical engineering professor Alice Agogino was recently honored for her efforts to significantly increase the number of female, African-American and Hispanic doctorates in her field.

Read about Agogino’s long-time mentoring of under-represented minority engineering students.



Do you know someone who is making a difference?
You can nominate a UC staff or faculty member to be featured here. Send their name and a brief description of how they are contributing to UC or their wider community to .

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