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Solution: Seismic Safety
San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge damaged during Loma Prieta earthquake

UC scientists and engineers have used the lessons of the Loma Prieta earthquake 20 years ago to develop practical solutions to make California more quake resistant.

Read more on the lessons of the Loma Prieta earthquake.

People who make a difference
UC Irvine neuroscientist Leslie Thompson

UC Irvine neuroscientist Leslie Thompson helped identify the gene that causes Huntington’s disease, a fatal brain disorder. Now she's using a powerful new tool to find a cure: stem cells.

Read more about Leslie Thompson's research.

Systemwide News

UC med centers collaborate to revolutionize breast cancer care

Dr. Laura Esserman

Dr. Laura Esserman is spearheading The ATHENA Breast Health Network, a new initiative that harnesses UC's collective power to accelerate advancements in breast cancer prevention, screening and treatment.

Read more about advancements in breast cancer care.


How will you use your furlough days?

How will you use your furlough days?

Some UC employees plan to volunteer, work in their children's schools, or take time to relax and recharge. Share your furlough plans with us for a future story in Our University.

Tell us how you plan to use your furlough days.


More Systemwide News

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Chances are there's something you've always wondered about, meant to look up or wished someone would explain. Now is your chance to satisfy that curiosity. and we'll find the UC brainiac who can answer it. Science, health, culture, language - whatever your question, don't be shy. Just Ask it!


The moon's size, as viewed by the naked eye from earth, appears larger at some points on the horizon and smaller at other points. What accounts for this difference in the moon's apparent size?

              Read the answer to this question and others.

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