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UC accountability report under way

President Mark Yudof

President Mark Yudof's systemwide accountability framework will provide information to the public and policy-makers about what UC is accomplishing for its students and the people of California. The first report will be presented to UC Regents in September.

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Group calls for greater diversity effort

Staff Diversity

The UC Staff Diversity Council studied the recruitment, retention and promotion of women and minorities throughout the UC system. Without action, the council says, the university will not be able to sustain it pre-eminence into the future.

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California burns: UC's wildfire research

UC's wildfire research

UC faculty are at the center of the state's wildfire research – studying the effects of global warming, land management and firefighting practices. Why do we have so many fires, and what should we do about it?

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Accentuating the positive

Christine Carter

Generosity? Optimism? Gratitude? Christine Carter, executive director of UC Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center, believes positive emotions are essential to raising happy children, including her own. Carter shares parenting tips through her Half Full Blog: Science for Raising Happy Kids.

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Featured campus: UCDavis
Digging summer

Digging summer

Did Indiana Jones ever build an outhouse? Not that we know of, but that's just one new skill UCLA students are learning this summer as they work at archeological sites and send dispatches back to campus.


Photo credit: Callie Bowdish

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Inside UCOP: Stories for and about Office of the President staff

Violet Nakayama

Best thing about my job?

Violet Nakayama is a coordinator in the UC Natural Reserve System, which manages more than 130,000 acres of natural habitats. “I get to interact with researchers and reserve managers who often work in remote areas,” she says. “I've learned so much about fascinating research at many of our reserves. This is an exciting time, given the challenges of global warming and related environmental issues that are critical to our planet's survival.”

Free-stuff Fridays promote a green workplace

Free-stuff Fridays

Don't let unwanted office supplies clutter your space. Help reduce UCOP waste by donating what you're not using to the new monthly Franklin building recycling program, another green initiative supported by the UCOP Departmental Sustainability Coordinators.

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Join Health and Wellness fair Aug. 14

Take advantage of free health screenings and access nutrition and diabetes information at UCOP event.

Keep up with restructuring updates and notices of open positions.

Check schedule for UCOP retirement readiness workshops.

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Did You Know...

Entertainers with UC connections include Carol Burnett (UCLA), Francis Ford Coppola (UCLA), Benicio del Toro (UC San Diego), Adam Duritz (UC Berkeley, UC Davis), Jack Johnson (UC Santa Barbara), Jon Lovitz (UC Irvine), Camryn Manheim (UC Santa Cruz), Jim Morrison (UCLA), Gregory Peck (UC Berkeley), Jim Rome (UC Santa Barbara) and Charlyne Yi (UC Riverside).

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